Financial Accounting

Digital and Efficient

DATEV Unternehmen online enables the electronic exchange of data between the firm and clients in the simplest way.

We are happy to work with you to develop a suitable concept for implementing powerful and efficient financial accounting.

Current accounting results and analyses make managing your company easier, safer, and faster. In addition to reports for business control and submission to banks, you will receive expert tax and business advice. As a client of our firm, you have access to your data at any time and from anywhere – easily and securely.

Timely accounting offers numerous opportunities to enhance business success. It is the basis for all your operational decisions, allows for cash flow forecasting, and simplifies tasks such as customer and accounts receivable management and controlling.

Data and documents can be exchanged online between you and our team. This way, our team can handle the accounting. With up-to-date accounting results, we assist you in managing your business.

You decide which functions of “Unternehmen online” you want to use, whether it’s processing payments, retrieving company data, entering employee information, or keeping business records. The choice is yours. Likewise, documents can be managed and archived after electronic submission. Our team is available to provide guidance in this regard.

Questions? We are available!

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